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AACUC and Harness Lead the Way in Creating Top of Wallet Strategies and Philanthropic Programs

AACUC and Harness Lead the Way in Creating Top of Wallet Strategies and Philanthropic Programs

SNELLVILLE, GA – Renée Sattiewhite, President & CEO of the African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) announced today its newest corporate partnership with Harness to accelerate “top of wallet” strategies and philanthropic opportunities for CU card issuers.

“The Harness solutions represent the type of innovation and social impact that will keep our credit union partners relevant within a highly-dynamic and hyper-competitive marketplace”, said Sattiewhite. “We want to get the word out to all of our members and supporters for 2023.”

Miraj Patel, Founder & CEO of Harness stated, “It is truly a privilege to be closely aligned with a pacesetting, visionary organization such as AACUC and to help them fulfill their dual mission of inclusion and community impact.”

“At Harness, we are transforming how financial institutions think about their card programs. We offer a platform to enable credit unions cutting edge, contextual, and easy-to-implement loyalty and rewards programs. Harness empowers cardholders to make a difference in their communities while earning rewards that are solving for and meeting their top-of-mind needs”, added Shwetabh Gautam, VP of Financial Institutions.

Harness partners with financial institutions to allow any cardholder to make charitable donations to nonprofits. Working with Harness, credit unions put the power of change and action into their members’ hands. Members may donate with each card swipe, supporting everything from ocean cleanups to local food banks. Harness puts the causes Gen Zs and Millennials care about most at their fingertips so that they can easily impact change, now with the support of their credit union.  Read more about the Gen Z and Millennial strategy here.

To drive even more engagement and improve share of wallet, Harness gamifies the payments experience. 

First, each payment includes round-ups for charity. But it doesn’t stop there:

  • Each swipe is entered into a sweepstakes with thousands of winnable prizes;

  • Inactive cards have a higher chance to win, ensuring your card doesn’t get forgotten;

  • Larger purchases carry higher chances to win, incentivizing more card spend; and

  • Recurring transactions carry higher chances to win as well, incentivizing card on file status.

Click here to learn more and meet with the Harness team.

ABOUT AACUC:  Now in its 25th year, AACUC has grown and is ever changing to meet the needs of the dynamic credit union community which it serves. It has become an all-encompassing organization for individuals (professional and volunteers) in Credit Unions, Insurance, Regulators, Vendors, Consultants and other entities in the credit union industry. In 2022, AACUC received the Anchor Award for its Commitment to Change: Credit Unions Unite Against Racism Initiative.  


ABOUT HARNESS:   At Harness, we build value-added products for consumers designed to drive card spend, engagement, and retention. Drive your credit or debit card portfolio top-of-wallet strategy by gamifying the spending experience and building purpose into every transaction. Enable your cardholders to program their cards to work for them. Built on card-linking platforms of the major card networks, our solutions stack onto any card, giving consumers ultimate flexibility while allowing issuers to launch new programs in weeks. 


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